Step 1

Go to and sign up for a free K- 12 education account.
At the moment wikispaces is giving away FREE protect wikipages which only allows people you invite or those who are a member of you wikipage to view it.

Click on the purple highlighted words ' CREATE YOUR OWN CLASSROOM WIKI TODAY'
Step 2
The form on the right hand side will come up. Fill in the following fields.

  1. Enter a user name chose one that you will remember eg. Mrs Jones
  2. Enter a password chose one that you will remember.
  3. Select the 'YES' button if you would like to make a wiki straight away or 'NO' if you just want to edit or join a wiki.
  4. Choose a wiki name that you would like to use for wikispace site eg. workingwithwiki =
  5. Select a wiki permission either -
  • Protected = Everyone can view pages, only wiki members can edit them
  • Private ( free for educators) only wiki members can view and edit pages
6. Tick the box to say that your wiki is for educational purposes, this will ensure that the advertisements are removed.
7. Click JOIN and 'Congratulations' you have created your own classroom wiki.